Why Yacoub Elite?

We go beyond the obvious and really get to know our clients.  We deliver a consistent experience founded on trust, accountability and success that results in career-long relationships. At Yacoub Elite Search we are experts at making the right connections at the right time for the right individuals.

The decision to launch our Human Capital Practice, Yacoub Elite HR, is the direct result of our plan to diversify the business and provide the highest level of excellence to organizations, while focusing on the employee experience.



Our success has validated that our service level and recruitment style leads to making powerful connections. Our customized approach takes our service standard and makes it a promise to create great experiences for clients and candidates. Yacoub Elite Search is the ambassador of your brand and we elevate the process of recruitment. We strive to create a binding relationship that focuses on mutually beneficial outcomes.

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We help our clients leverage game-changing leadership in their drive to boost innovation, spike sales and promote growth. The firm offers organizations an entirely new way to recruit and manage their executive level talent, focusing both on operational capabilities and requirements, as well as brand and cultural alignment.









Our Human Capital division will allow our clients to leverage our unique ability to recruit and manage their executive talent in addition to providing strategic HR solutions. Yacoub Elite HR will provide end to end HR consulting services in talent management, coaching and leadership development, organizational design, change management, total rewards, diversity and inclusion and access to experienced HR professionals on an as needed basis.