Jocelyn Yacoub on Grit & Grace

️Discover how to turn the tide in your favour during salary negotiations with Grit & Grace Leadership Podcast’s inspiring guest, Jocelyn Yacoub, CPCC founder and CEO of Yacoub Elite Search

Join Host Jen Kelly as Jocelyn dissects the art of negotiation, sharing her personal journey from a state of naiveté to becoming a force to be reckoned with. In 1997, Jocelyn set out to disrupt the headhunting industry by flipping the model and becoming an agent to the talent, earning her the nickname ‘the Jerry Maguire of headhunting.’

In this episode of the Grit & Grace Podcast, Jocelyn reveals the characteristics that set top performers apart and provides practical advice on developing these traits. Throughout their discussion, she shares valuable insights on the importance of self-awareness when seeking new opportunities and the powerful role of charisma and leadership presence in career advancement.
So, join them on this enlightening journey of personal and professional growth, as they  explore new horizons in leadership.