Senior Director, Talent

Montreal: 514.934.0579 x 943


Senior Director, Talent

Member of the Yacoub Elite team since 2005, Melanie is a pillar of our practice in Montreal. For more than 10 years, she has helped hire dozens of executives from a wide variety of companies. She has developed expertise in numerous business sectors, including finance, human resources and operations.

As Senior Director, Talent, Melanie’s role is to identify the needs of our clients and their organization in order to target the best talent for them. She has the ability to immerse herself in the culture of the companies she represents and thanks to her great communication and listening skills, Melanie can quickly identify and recruit the most talented candidates.

A passionate recruiter, Melanie is motivated by the opportunity to guide and support candidates through a transition period in their careers. One of her greatest pride is to see candidates she recruited evolve in their new role. Her goal is to improve the experience of candidates and customers she works with by offering them an outstanding service. She knows how to maintain long-lasting relationships and has built a great network.

Melanie holds a Bachelor of Administration degree from McGill University, with concentrations in Marketing and Human Resources. She has fifteen years of experience in talent acquisition, sales and marketing. Her passion for customer service and recruiting combined with her great professionalism make her a trusted partner for our team.