Marketing Analyst

Toronto: 416.861.0882

Vanessa Vargas

Marketing Analyst

Vanessa joined the Yacoub Elite team in the very beginning of 2023 as a Marketing Analyst.

Vanessa takes care of the various marketing aspects of the firm whether that be marketing clients, candidates, or the firm itself. Vanessa also provides support to executive recruiters and other team members with targeted research on candidate resumes, industry trends, client company industries, and competitive intelligence. Vanessa combines her past experiences to help our clients target and assess the best talent for their team. Since joining the team, Vanessa has successfully managed our marketing & social media, and supported key assignments in Telecommunications, Asset Management, Finance, Human Resources, Manufacturing and Professional Services.

Vanessa holds a bachelor’s degree in International Business from Carleton University, specializing in Marketing and World Trade with a minor in Spanish.