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Pascale’s career with Yacoub Elite started in 2006 as a Recruitment Consultant. Ten years later, she is now a Partner and is leading the Yacoub Elite Executive Search Practice in the Montreal office. Pascale has gained external experience as an entrepreneur in the tech startup community. Her entrepreneurial background is an asset to Yacoub Elite’s practice, as she enhances our firm’s partnerships with clients.

Pascale acts as a culture specialist and brand ambassador helping our clients find top talent under the CEO umbrella, for Director-level positions and above. She is responsible for the full scope of the search process, including: business development, client management, search strategy, position profile creation, recruiting, interviewing, offer negotiations and closing candidates.

As a career-driven individual, Pascale understands the importance of taking on the right role within the right team, for the right leader. Pascale’s expertise is in building long lasting relationships based on trust and she has developed an impressive network of professionals in a variety of industries. Pascale is recognized for her clear alignment of personal and professional values with Yacoub—a synergy that reflects her commitment to professional integrity, trust and collaboration.

Pascale has partnered with large multinational and entrepreneurial organizations in a variety of industries including Asset Management, Real Estate, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals, Engineering and Professional Services. Pascale is highly committed and she is known best for her professionalism, high energy and personalized approach.

Throughout her career, Pascale has been driven by a strategic emphasis on building on, and identifying the right talent that helps contribute to bottom-line performance and growth focusing on client services and “ aligning the right  people who will benefit the  organization’s business priorities and success”.

Pascale holds a Bachelor Degree in Commerce from McGill University with a Major in Organizational Behavior and Psychology. She cumulates over 15 years of experience in several industries: recruitment, hospitality, retail and technology.  Her “startup” experience combined with a decade of building relationships in Montreal and Toronto with key stakeholders, affords her a successful partnership within our firm.